Teaching Pendant

The main arm teaching pendant for TEL Clean Track MARK Vz/7/8 Series dramatically reduces teaching time and enables more accurate calibrations. Experience the increased efficiency and cost savings. The Teaching Pendant is also available in combination with the ARDiMuS BU.
  • Main arm calibration requires only one person
  • Over 50% reduction in teaching time
  • Eliminates human communication errors
  • Quick ROI
  • Wireless or wired operation
  • Extremely portable; can be used with multiple systems
  • Matches TEL arm calibration criteria exactly
  • Automatically reads current tool configuration and arm calibration
  • Allows teaching of x, y, z, & theta positions for each arm seperately
  • Complete system re-initialization from Teaching Pendant tablet
  • NEW, rugged industrial tablet compatible with future planned software products that will utilize embedded barcode/RFID reader.
  • Compatible with Mark Vz, & Mark 7/8 systems
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