Talon Tech Pumps

Talon Tech Pumps Offer Reliable Solutions, Easy Track Integration

In use in major fabs around the world, Talon Tech pumps are a reliable replacement for traditional OEM or third party pumps.  Rite Track is a worldwide supplier of these popular pumps and the exclusive distributor in Europe and North America.  Installation and process support is available from Rite Track as needed.  

Benefits & features of Talon Tech pumps include:

  • Small footprint for easy integration on all types of tracks
  • Available as New with 1 year warranty
  • Several models offer programming directly from TEL Mark and ACT systems
  • Ideal replacement for obsoleted Iwaki pumps
  • Optional controller and keypad for use with most track systems
  • Bundle with pump drawer or chemical cabinet upgrades and save
Choose from a wide variety of pump requirements to find the best match for your needs.
Contact your local Rite Track sales or service representative for more information.

TP-50BS     Pump Model Viscosity  Note
  Key Features:     TP-10
150 cP   Iwaki SB-3 Replacement. 
  • Servo Motor
    TP-10 for 8X  150 cP   Kit for 8X Systems with Suckback Valve (PN: 17-77695-02)
  • 20,000 cP

  TP-12 1000 cP   Iwaki SB-4 Replacement
  • Optional Keypad
    TP-12 for 8X 1000 cP   Kit for 8X Systems with Suckback Valve (PN: 17-77695-01)
  • Talon Tech Controller
    TP-20R* 200 cP    T-100 Replacement 

    TP-22R* 500 cP    T-200 Replacement

    TP-30BS 50 cP  
      TP-32BA 150 cP   
      TP-34A  1000 cP    T-100 & T-200 Replacement 
      TP-34R* 1000 cP   T-100 & T-200 Replacement
      TP-40BA 150 cP   
      TP-50BS  20,000 cP   Hi Viscosity - PIX/PIQ
      TP-52R* 500 cP   
      TP-60BR* 5000 cP   Hi Viscosity - PIX/PIQ
    TP-70BS 20,000 cP  Hi Viscosity/Large Volume - PIX/PIQ


20,000 cP  Hi Viscosity/Large Volume - PIX/PIQ
*Integrates with TEL Mark & ACT Controllers on systems with RRC Control

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