Talon Tech Pumps

Talon Tech Pumps Offer Reliable Solutions, Easy Track Integration

In use in major fabs around the world, Talon Tech pumps are a reliable replacement for traditional OEM or third party pumps.  Rite Track is a worldwide supplier of these popular pumps and the exclusive distributor in Europe and North America.  Installation and process support is available from Rite Track as needed.  

Benefits & features of Talon Tech pumps include:

  • Small footprint for easy integration on all types of tracks
  • Available as New with 1 year warranty
  • Several models offer programming directly from TEL Mark and ACT systems
  • Ideal replacement for obsoleted Iwaki pumps
  • Optional controller and keypad for use with most track systems
  • Bundle with pump drawer or chemical cabinet upgrades and save
Choose from a wide variety of pump requirements to find the best match for your needs.
Contact your local Rite Track sales or service representative for more information.

Pump Model

Dispense Volume   
  Key Features:    TP-10
150 cP 8 cc   Iwaki SB-3 Replacement. 
  • Servo Motor
  TP-10 for 8X  150 cP 8 cc   Kit for 8X Systems with Suckback Valve (PN: 17-77695-02)
  • 20,000 cP

TP-12 1000 cP 8 cc   Iwaki SB-4 Replacement
  • Optional Keypad
  TP-12 for 8X 1000 cP  8 cc  Kit for 8X Systems with Suckback Valve (PN: 17-77695-01)
  • Talon Tech Controller
  TP-20R* 200 cP  8 cc   T-100 Replacement 

  TP-22R* 500 cP  8 cc   T-200 Replacement

  TP-30BS 50 cP 7 cc  Keypad
    TP-32BA 150 cP  7 cc  Keypad/ Touchpad
    TP-34A  1000 cP  10 cc   T-100 & T-200 Replacement, Touchpad
    TP-34R* 1000 cP  10 cc  T-100 & T-200 Replacement
    TP-40BA 150 cP  7 cc  Touchpad
    TP-50BS  20,000 cP  7 cc  Hi Viscosity - PIX/PIQ, Keypad/ Touchpad
    TP-52R* 500 cP  7 cc  Designed to Dispense Colorants
    TP-52S  500 cP  7 cc  Designed to Dispense Colorants, Touchpad
    TP-60BA* 10,000 cP 10 cc  Hi Viscosity - Resist
    TP-60BR* 10,000 cP 10 cc  Hi Viscosity - PIX/PIQ
    TP-70BS 20,000 cP 20 cc  Hi Viscosity/Large Volume - PIX/PIQ, Keypad/ Touchpad 


20,000 cP 20 cc  Hi Viscosity/Large Volume - PIX/PIQ, Keypad/ Touchpad 
*Integrates with TEL Mark & ACT Controllers on systems with RRC Control

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