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Included Features


The Recipe Design feature enables a user to design, edit and save programs and CPU board options for spin stations, bake stations and dispense arms.

Quickly uploads and downloads programs to and from the card cage

Allows unlimited recipe storage with alphanumeric recipe naming eliminating the 9-program, 9-event card cage limitations

Saves time during CPU board replacement by re-populating the card cage with previously saved programs and system options

Recipe Manager flat panel touch screen 
shown with optional Space-Saver Monitor Mount

More Features

Copy recipes directly form one card cage to another

Customizable user access levels to protect recipe edit and create functions

Recipe backup locally or to network

Local Log
 feature enables a user to capture and time stamp Track Events

Customizable Graphical User Interface


Graphical User Interface

(Screen showing track status indicators, wafer count, indexer cassette presence, and START buttons)




The Graphic User Interface feature
enables a user to design custom screens that show track status displays and allow operators to input information.

Moves the operator interface from the card cage to the touch screen

Provides visual feedback to operators on module processing, recipe selection, alarm condition, and event status

Enables operators to input information such as, recipe selection, operator identification, and processing notes

Host Communication

Optional Features


The Host Communication option uses SECSII protocol to pass user specified alarms and events to your fab’s host computer. Enables the host system to make recipe selections, generate reports, and aid in other decision/response scenarios
The Data I/O Module monitors digital, analog, and serial inputs for
End-of-Lot Functionality.
Monitors and logs peripheral signals not monitored by the card cage, such as canister low level alarms, bottle sensors, high performance spindle controllers, bulk fill systems, etc. Prevent track from starting when fluid levels are too low
The Light Tower Interface connects with up to 4 light towers using
the Data I/O Module
Indicates track status using red, amber and green lights
The Bar Code Scanner can select recipes from bar coded lot travelers. Reduces operator error by selecting recipes through the bar code reader instead of manually changing program numbers
The Space-Saver Monitor Mount locates the Recipe Manager touch screen and keyboard on an articulating arm. Minimizes fab floor space
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