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Host Communication

The Rite Track Host Communications Interface uses SECSII protocol and the Rite Track Recipe Manager® System (RTRM) to pass user specified events and alarms to your host computer.

Included Features


The Tagname Editor feature enables SECS communications for user specified alarms and events.

Enables users to easily add, modify, and delete SECS tags for card cage alarms and events digital inputs, analog inputs, and serial devices

Enables users to customize alarm messages sent to the host computer

The SEC Host Monitor feature displays SECS messages sent to and received from the host computer.

Shows real time stream and function calls between the track and the host computer

Shows reports requested by the host computer

Allows users to set events and to set and clear alarms to test host generated reports

The Script Editor feature, based on Microsoft® VB Script Engine, uses standard VB script language to set and pass variable information, call subroutines, and trigger memory variables.

Enables users to locally create custom alarm/response scenarios

Enables users to set events and send commands to the card cage

Enables users to send custom text messages to the card cage

Optional Features


The Data I/O Module monitors digital, analog, and serial inputs. Monitors and logs peripheral signals not monitored by the card cage, such as canister low level alarms, bottle sensors, high performance spindle controllers, bulk fill systems, etc.
The Light Tower Interface connects with up to 4 light towers using the Data I/O Module Indicates track status using red, amber and green lights
The Bar Code Scanner can select recipes from bar coded lot travelers Reduces operator error by selecting recipes through the bar code reader instead of manually changing program numbers
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