NetTRACK CPU Upgrade


Rite Track has partnered with NetTRACK to offer 86 and 88 series users an easy way to eliminate the 9 program, barrier inherent in OEM-designed card cage while adding flash recipe storage and other great new features to your existing 8X track systems. Simply swap your existing card cage CPUs with our NetTRACK CPU upgrade and experience expanded recipe capability, fluid level monitoring, component exercise functionality, and many more features; all from your existing system. Through a recent agreement, Rite Track is now the exclusive worldwide supplier of NetTRACK software upgrades for 86 and 88 series track systems.

Enjoy these features, built into the NetTRACK CPU Upgrade:

Feature Original SVG CPU Rite Track CPU
with NV Ram Upgrade
Processors/Micro-Controller  Z-80, 3Mhz IC  Z-80, 3Mhz IC Rabbit 29Mhz,
Core Module
CPU Board Memory EProm ICs Non-Volatile RAM Flash
SPIN/Hot Plate HPO Process Recipe Programs  9 Programs
9 Programs*
99 Programs
Component Exercise Mode for Maintenance Trouble-shooting Not Available Not Available Included
Resist and Solvent Fluid Level Alarm Monitoring** Not Available With Separate PLC Included
Real-time Spin Speed and HPO Temperature Display Not Available HPO temperature Included
Develop Parallel Processing for Increased Throughput Special Software Special Software Included
Light Tower Not Available Separate PLC* Included
Customized Software Solutions Not Available Limited Available
Expandable Digital Input/Output Not Available With Separate PLC* Included
Programmable Pre-dispense Fixed Time Fixed Time per Version Programmable
Programmable EBR Offset 1 Step Increments 1 Step Increments 1/2 step Increments
Programmable Pin Card Cage Lock  Not Available Not Available Included
Expanded capability available with Rite Track Recipe Manager
*Fluid sensors not included

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