Advanced Recipe and Data Management System

ARDiMuS® provides a much-requested expansion of data and recipe management for Mark series owners who want to extend the life, flexibility, and functionality of their tracks. The drag & drop wafer flow, on-screen hot plate data profiling, and host capabilities have made this a big hit already. The ARDiMuS® will auto-configure itself to the Mark system. It offers enhanced operability, including advanced recipe control, password protected screens, and in-situ data monitoring and analysis. Options include a host computer interface, barcode reader for reducing operator errors, and external signal monitoring, including monitor of signals not normally monitored by the Mark Series tracks.


Key Features:

    • Auto Configuration
    • Flat Panel Touch Screen
    • Enhanced Operability
    • Enhanced Recipe Control - Mark 7/8 only
    • Password Protected Screens
    • InSitu Data Monitoring & Analysis


    • Host Computer Interface
    • Barcode Reader
    • Dispense Flow Rate Monitoring for Mark 7/8 - NEW!
      + Interlock thresholds to prevent scrap
      + Monitor dispense volumes for every wafer
      + Identify Problem areas - Record of bad dispenses

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