TEL Mark Silicon Disk Replacements Available

April 4, 2008 - The Silicon Disk Drive used in TEL Clean Track Mark Series systems can now be replaced with a state-of-the-art flash memory alternative that eliminates a common failure mode of defective batteries.

The main controller for the TEL Clean Track Mark Series systems uses a silicon disk memory PCB with battery back-up to store operating software, programmed recipes, system calibration parameters and all alarm files. This older technology is prone to unexpected failures when the batteries no longer hold sufficient charge. Rite Track has released flash memory replacement kits for all four types of controllers used in TEL Clean Track Mark V, Vz, 7 and 8 Series systems.

Henry Knight, Director of R&D, said “We have used our technology employed in developing new products to address a potential weakness in one of our key legacy product offerings. Rite Track continues to look for new, creative ways to bring nascent technology to our existing 200mm product offerings thereby improving performance and lifetimes for these existing cost-effective equipment platforms.”

Along with new and innovative products designed for legacy equipment, Rite Track also provides remanufactured and refurbished SVG 8X, 9X tracks and refurbished TEL Clean Track Mark and ACT 8 systems. Rite Track installs, supports and repairs all of our products and provides field support, custom engineering services, and upgrades for our customers.

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