Rite Track Acquires NXP 9X Track Equipment

Twenty-four NXP Fishkill Track Systems Dealt to Rite Track

February 9, 2010 – Rite Track, Inc., based in West Chester, Ohio announced today that it recently acquired all of the 90-S Series equipment from NXP’s Fishkill Fab that closed late last year. The purchase provides Rite Track with a vast supply of 9X inventory, insuring an uninterrupted flow of spare parts and systems for their 9X customers. Integration of this inventory began late last year and is now available to Rite Track customers with significant savings. In 2003, Rite Track negotiated the purchase of the SVG 9X product line from ASML and continues to provide sales and technical support worldwide for any 9X end users.

“Over the last two months, we have made great progress assessing and cataloging the 9X tracks from NXP Fishkill. This acquisition allows us to continue to provide the unparalleled parts support that our growing 9X customer base expects. As an added bonus, we now can offer great values on tested & certified pre-owned parts as well as several of the best, stock 90-S track systems,” stated Brad Yano, Rite Track’s Global Spare Parts Manager & Director of Customer Support.

Rite Track will offer some of the remaining 90-S systems as “Certified” with installation and full warranty support. Interested buyers may contact Rite Track at sales@ritetrack.com for equipment inquires orspares@riterack.com for spare parts.

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