Retrofit Kits

A partial list of the retrofit kits and enhancements offered by Rite Track include:

Coater Pivoting Dispense

Coater Bottom and Top EBR

Coater Catch Cup Rinse

Three Pin Upgrade kits with improved stepper motor control on hot plates

Proximity Hot Plate Retrofit Kit

High Torque Indexers

Upgraded Centering for 86 and 88 spin modules

Watlow Temperature Controllers for hot plate, vapor prime, and vacuum bake ovens

Capacitive Wafer Sensor Kits for indexers

Heavy Substrate Upgrades for all modules

Exhaust Flow Controllers for coat and develop

Immersion Circulators

Drain Full Sensors

Temperature Control Carts

Pull Out Drawers

Pressure Canisters

New Photoresist Pumps from leading suppliers

Rebuilt Photoresist Pumps

Catch Cups

Submicron Upgrade Kits


Size Change Kits

Pull-out Drain Box

Chemical Cabinets

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