Hurricane Ike No Match for Rite Track

September 17, 2008 - Who knew? A state buried in the heart of the Midwest is hit by a hurricane.

More precisely, this part of the US was hit by a storm that was the remnant of Hurricane Ike, which devastated Galveston and parts of Texas. The winds blew for over three hours on Sunday afternoon, with hurricane-force gusts reported up to 85 miles per hour. Steady winds of 55 mph for the entire duration were common.

The result—fallen branches and trees, downed power lines, disrupted services through out the areas. More than 1 million customers lost electric power in Ohio, and several hundred thousand are still without power as of today. Businesses closed, schools closed, airports shutdown and traffic was interrupted throughout the region.

However, at Rite Track, we had no direct storm damage, and although we were operating on reduced electrical power, we were here to serve our customers. Our people were on hand, both at the factory and Rite Track locations around the world, to assist our customers during the Blackout. Service, tech support, sales, marketing, accounting, HR, IT, purchasing, logistics—all here, all working. Full power was restored just before noon today and our manufacturing and engineering operation has returned to 100%.

Tim Hayden, President and CEO of Rite Track, said “We are up and running and are very happy to have come through this storm with no damage. Before the cleanup had even started, senior staff members were assessing our status and making plans. Throughout the storm our servers never lost power and basic services within the company were restored within hours. On Monday we were able to operate at reduced capacity at the factory while maintaining full customer support in the field. Thanks to our customers for their patience and understanding and special thanks to our dedicated employees that continue to put our customers first! Given the force of this storm so far inland, we must all keep the people in the gulf coast region in our thoughts and prayers. They were truly devastated by this storm in all its fury.”

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