Expanded Circulator Repair Services from Rite Track Europe

January 22, 2008 - In a continuing effort to better serve our customers, the Rite Track European (RTE) Logistics Center in Germany now provides repair services for SMC Thermo-con and Komatsu Electronics circulator systems. Many of these circulators have been discontinued by the OEM, and new replacements are often not available.

Although the repair service is available to anyone, it is expected that customers that rely on the TEL Clean Track Mark Series for their production needs may be the main beneficiaries of this alternative to purchasing new circulators.

The circulators are typically used for temperature control of photoresist, develop fluid, and coat and develop motor flanges. They are primarily located inside main systems, temperature control racks, and combination chemical cabinets/ temperature control racks.

The RTE high-quality repair service is available for most models of SMC Thermo-con and Komatsu Electronics circulators. RTE makes all repairs with new parts that are the same or equivalent to the original components. The repaired circulator is fully tested under load. Rite Track provides performance verification data and certification that the product meets or exceeds all OEM published specifications.

RTE is ready to accept circulator repair orders immediately.

Thomas Maier, Managing Director, Rite Track Europe GmbH, said, “We are very happy to be able to offer this new service for our European customers. We have a commitment to expand our other repair capabilities at RTE to more fully support our customers’ equipment.”

For more information about Rite Track Europe’s circulator repair service, see our website at http://www.ritetrack.comor contact Rite Track Europe (eurospares@ritetrack.com).

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