8X CPU RAM Upgrade

8X CPU Memory Upgrade Eliminates Reprogramming!

11.29.2012Rite Track announced today the development of a CPU board RAM Upgrade for SVG/Rite Track 86, 88, 88e track systems that eliminates the need for reprogramming of the board when removed or replaced. Rite Track developed the solution to address time-consuming customer recipe and data reprogramming issues inherent with board battery failure or power loss in the original OEM board design.

Rite Track's CPU RAM Upgrade provides non-volatile on-board memory to hold recipe and track data when the CPU board loses power thus eliminating reprogramming on board removal or power loss. Users can also transfer the memory chip to a new board without losing valuable recipe and track settings. These new CPU boards are available new or as upgrades to existing, customer-supplied SVG / Rite Track CPU boards.  Contact your local Rite Track sales representative or your regional Rite Track Spare Parts office for further details.

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